Since 1960 at cleanliness’ service

An historic and dynamic company, specialized in the production of a wide range of cleaning products for AUTOMOTIVE – INDUSTRY- HO.RE.CA professionale, the Golden chimigal was Born from a long-time experience in the cleaning sector. The mission of our company is based on irrevocabile and fondamentale principale, such as a strict policy of environmental protection, a consistent quality of the products and a quick and global service towards the customers.


We conduce several and continuous inspections in our Laboratories, both on raw Materials and finished products and thanks to our chemists and their continuo research, our exclusive formula are continuously updated in respect of the currunt legislativo and environment friendly. Our laboratoires, as a metter of fact, follow and constante monitor the phases of the production, to guarente our customers a durarle and consistente Quality.

Customer’s support

An efficient thechnical service guarantees an accurate and precise support to our customers. We Pay particular attention to the different demanda of the market and the high flexibility of the production allows us to the offer a targeted answer to the specific problems or needs of our customers. We are leaders in the automatic car-wash products field and we can grant each and every wish, also producing for a third party..

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